Prilosec Side Effects

Understanding All About Prilosec Side Effects

Patients with a problem of excessive stomach acid and heartburn may be treated with a drug called Prilosec. The chief constituent of this drug is a compound that impedes the secretion of gastric acid.

It may be given in form of a delayed-response capsule in strengths of 10mg, 20mg or 40mg omeprazole. Prilosec also comes in form of a suspension type medication. Most if not all medicines will set off negative reactions or side effects in some people, that’s just the nature of things.

It is no different with Prilosec. It is important that patients using the drug are informed about possible Prilosec side effects that they may experience.

Prilosec is quite efficient in treating heart burn but it may cause other reactions. Some patients may start to feel nauseous, vomit, have a bout of diarrhea, a gassy stomach and a headache. These are the effects that most commonly occur and they are usually mild for most patients.

However, Prilosec side effects can also cause severe and potentially allergic reactions. This could be itching, breaking out in hives, a tight chest, strenuous breathing, a swollen throat, lips and mouth which can strain breathing.

Prilosec side effects may also bring on pain in the chest and the heart may start beating faster or more slowly.

A patient may also have fever, chills and the eyes and skin may turn an odd, yellowish color. Diarrhea may also be severe, causing dehydration and the stomach pains may also become intense.

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